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    Basic knowledge of EIWEI ultrasonic cleaning machine

    by Eiwei
    Basic knowledge of EIWEI ultrasonic cleaning machine.
    Ultrasonic cleaning machine has become the primary choice for modern industrial cleaning. For people who have never been accessing the ultrasonic cleaning machine before, there are many doubts about ultrasonic cleaning. Here is some basic knowledge of ultrasonic cleaning machine.
    What is ultrasonic? Ultrasonic is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20000 Hz. It has good directionality, a strong penetrating, easy to obtain concentrated sound energy, and has a long-distance measurement, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, stone crushing, sterilization, and disinfection, etc. There are many applications in medicine, military, industry, and agriculture. Ultrasonic gets its name because its lower frequency limit is approximately equal to the upper limit of human hearing. Ultrasonic plays an important role in daily life production. An ultrasonic cleaning machine is a good example of an ultrasonic application. Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasonic waves to generate cavitation in water, and the bubble cavity that satins on the surface of the workpiece.
    The main structure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is composed of two parts, namely the ultrasonic generator and the transducer. The ultrasonic generator mainly converts the power frequency electricity into a high-frequency electrical signal above 20kHz, which is transmitted to the transducer through a cable, which is generally fixed on the bottom or side of the cleaning tank. The transducer can also be wrapped in a plate to make an ultrasonic vibration plate, and the vibration plate is placed at the bottom of the groove or hung on the side. The cleaning tank should always be filled with the liquid, usually water and cleaning agent. In special cases, acetone, alcohol, etc. can also be used as cleaning media. The ultrasonic transducer is a kind of high-efficiency transducer element, which can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, that is, powerful ultrasonic vibration. When the transducer is applied with high-frequency voltage, its piezoelectric ceramic element is under the action of the electric field.
    Ultrasonic cleaning machine has an excellent cleaning effect, freeing people from heavy cleaning work, and plays an important role in cleaning in all walks of life. Although ultrasonic cleaning has a wide range of applications, not all objects can be cleaned by ultrasonic. Due to the characteristics of ultrasonic, it only works on objects with relatively high hardness in water, and for relatively soft objects, such as plastics, cloth, etc. can not play a good clean effect. So when considering ultrasonic cleaning, first confirm whether the objects to be cleaned are suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.