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    Five ways EIWEI Ultrasonics can help you grow your business.

    1:For the private label marketer

    You sell your customers EIWEI Ultrasonics quality and reliability while using your own branding.

    We work anonymously on your behalf, providing ultrasonic cleaner  that carries your logo, model numbers, and personalized manuals. Under private label relationships with EIWEI, your company provides customer service and replacement parts.


    2:For the private industrial design marketer

    You provide your industrial design to meet your need in the local market ,we are responsible for circuit and structure development ,and offer functional samples to you for check the appearance and test the functions of the product .After confirming all product details, start to production.


    3:For jointly developed marketer

    If you have a new idea about the application of ultrasonic technology,  and want to transform it into a commercial product. We Can develop products together.


    4:For customized marketer

    Our standard cleaning equipment can help you  easily face the challenges of conventional ultrasonic cleaning. The size, ultrasonic frequency and power, function etc are all tested by the market use. So before you consider any customized ultrasonic solutions, we encourage you to look through our standard equipment lines.

    But if your project demands higher  requirements, unusual sizes, frequency or power,we can offer the manufacturing and engineering expertise to make the custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment you need.


    5: For ultrasonic manufacturers

    If you are already producing ultrasonic cleaner,we can provide you with ultrasonic components such as transducers and circuits to help your production.