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    • Headquartered in Shenzhen ,China.EIWEI is a manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic cleaner for business and home use,also specialists in provide ultrasonic transducers and solutions to customers.
    • As a EIWEI Ultrasonics customer, your company enjoys:
    • Reasonable price for all standard ultrasonic cleaners
    • Quick response to customers
    • Make your ideas of ultrasonic products come true
    • Developing new products which meet market demands constantly within shortest time.


    • Production management team work at the production site for many years with rich experience,they can arrange the production plan based on sales plan reasonably.Our goals are:
    • Low consumption:
    • The 6,000-square-meter workshop can reduce the consumption of labor, materials and financial resources by reasonable layout, reduce costs and ensure the competitiveness of customers.
    • High efficiency:
    • Production capacity of 6 production lines :
    • Home use ultrasonic cleaner:more than 1500 units per day.
    • Business use ultrasonic cleaner:around 500units per day.
    • We are always shorten the delivery time to help customer selling at the planned time.
    • On Time:

    According to customer requirements of products and services,our monthly on-time delivery rate reach to 97%.


    • R&D is the core of our company’s sustainable and healthy growth. EIWEI provides products to customers based on market demands.
    • Our R&D advantages:
    • Independent R&D department to research of ultrasonic core components-transducers, and transform them into innovative products with reliable quality and feasible cost.
    • The circuit is matched and optimized to make the ultrasonic work more stable.
    • There will be 5 or 6 new products introduce to the market every year.


    Quality is the comprehensive strength of the company.EIWEI has a standardized quality control system by offer OEM and ODM services for European and American customers.

    Our Quality Management Routine :

    • Promote the concept of quality control for all staff.
    • Insist on regular training of employees to ensure effective and standardized operation ability.
    • Strictly follow the quality management process.
    • Keep the workshop clean and tidy.